Hudson Valley Artists 2022: The Material, The Thing

Hudson Valley Artists 2022: The Material, The Thing. Curated by Nicole Hayes.
June 22 – November 6, 2022 
Alice and Horace Chandler Gallery and North Gallery
The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz

Vancouver Honda, 2019. Niki Lederer.
Umbrella canopy, nylon thread, nylon webbing, grommets. 43 x 32 inches

Curated by Nicole Hayes, the 15th annual Hudson Valley Artists exhibition will feature 26 local artists chosen from over 300 applications. Exhibiting artists include: Miguel Braceli | Louis Brawley | Royal Brown Jr.| Sydney Cash | Adam Chau | Monica d. Church | Melissa Dadourian | Shoshana Dentz | Dan Devine | Adriana Farmiga | Daniel Giordano | Romina Gonzales | Meg Hitchcock | Laetitia Hussain | Will Hutnick | Niki Lederer | Elisa Lendvay | Ashley Lyon | Patricia Miranda | Joel Olzak | Courtney Puckett | Jordan Rosenow | Julie Torres | Katharine Umsted | Melissa Weaver | Millicent Young.

The Material, The Thing considers how artists understand and reimagine the material culture we live in. Every time we walk into a big box store, we are inundated by meaningless disposable things. We have collectively lost an understanding of the materials that make the things we live with. Who even knows how plywood is made, or what microcrystalline cellulose is, but we all have it in our homes. In this cultural moment, artists and artisans become an essential conduit of understanding the materials and the things in our society.

Artists and artisans submitted work that investigates materials and their physical and cultural properties. We looked to see artistic practices that consider the inherent beauty of physical materials and work that questions or champions the things produced by our culture.