Discarded and found objects are my starting point. I reclaim these materials to create my sculpture, especially the brightly colored plastic bottles I find walking my dog, left in curbside recycling.

I can’t resist collecting them and usually go late at night so I don’t draw attention to myself. I dissect these bottles, often cutting the plastic with scissors and leaving the edges jagged, fastening them together with wire. The ease of assembly enables spontaneity and lends a playful quality to the work, with some shapes organic and others flat. The sculptures hang from the ceiling with fishing line—light and buoyant, they gently sway as viewers pass by.

I seek to draw the viewer’s attention back to these discards—to take a moment to notice how wonderful they are. By bringing attention to those materials I also hope to suggest a humorous approach to the futility of mass consumption of material resources in contemporary life.

—Niki Lederer